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You can either use the Model Number Search field and enter “Think Pad 600 2645” or use our very simple Memory Finder to select the correct IBM Think Pad 600 2645 memory upgrade for your system.

First select IBM as your manufacturer and then select the correct IBM product type (desktop, notebook, etc) from the selections that follow.

I figured another topic similar to the 770 one with upgrade stories, successes, and warnings would be appropriate.If not, you've just set yourself a few bucks back... I downloaded the hardware manual from lenovo support page, removing the CPU seems a bit tricky, but for 20 € (I'm spanish) you're right it well worth a try. Ive Upgraded My IBM Thinkpad 600E, With No Problems (Except For The Case Is A Pain To Open), Upgraded CPU To An MMC-2 500MHz Pentium III, 512MB Of PC100 SD-RAM, And An 8X DVD-ROM This Laptop Gets Used For Wireless Internet, E-Mail, Mobile DVD, And Light Retro Gaming (Quake II, Unreal, Etc.) And Works Wonderfully Hella-D, How did you upgrade the RAM to 512 MB? Hi, I have had a couple of IBM Think Pad 600E's and I believe they are both LOW-DENSITY ram memory. on a free laptop While IBM series usually follow very close hardware specifications, changing the cpu is not that easy. Nate IBM Thinkpad 770Z - PIII-700SS (currently at 550mhz/100mhz bus), 512 meg ram, 40 gig, Cisco 340 series PCCard, 14.1 display IBM Thinkpad 600E - PIII-750SS (currently at 600mhz/100mhz bus), 512 meg ram, 80 gig, Cisco 340 series PCCard, 13.3 display I think you're on to something there, but that laptop is now used by my 78 year old father as his first ever computer. I replaced the original drive with a 40GB 40GNX, which is faster and a LOT quiter. Benchmarking does show the expected improvement, though.It's MORE than fast enough to play solitaire and poker! Some have upgraded a 600E from its PII to a PIII, but not me.I replaced the keyboard, thinking I had broken a trace on the connector. However, I have used PC100 memory successfully in both of the ones I maintain. The 600 apparently does not accept 256MB parts, but I have not used a 600. OR I recently had a problem with my original 770 that I upgraded to a PII 300mhz. That being said, it is VERY difficult to keep the machine running at 800MHz and get long battery life.I used a cheaper MMC1 module with external L2 cache, and when I replaced it with a PII 400mhz "on die cache" and it's running grea now. On the 5FU, I upgraded the CPU to 800MHz without a hitch. It seems to like 550MHz or so, but then again, it's not usually doing anything too taxing. Windows XP will manage Speed Step on its own, and Intel does not support its Speed Step helper application under XP, so it's hard to know at any given moment the precise speed of your CPU.To do this make bends in the middle of each of the contacts.The bends should be made such that the points of the bends will press against the battery.If he ever gets on the internet, it'll be fast enough for e-mail and (most) web browsing too. You'll have to find other sources for 600E CPU upgrade tales.I have a 600X running with a PIII 850MHz module as well as several now running with the 800MHz MMC2 module (I bought a bunch from the fellow who was selling them on e Bay! The Intel Speedstep app runs just fine under W2K and the machines are very reliable.


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