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Carbon dating disprove bible

If it actually was “hottest year ever” you’d think all the terrible calamities that are supposed to happen would be happening now but instead the opposite is happening. Record Ice In 2014 there was record sea ice in Antarctica in fact a global warming expedition got stuck in it.Arctic sea ice has also made a nice comeback in 2014.Common to see original watermarks on these photos stripped. It was used for demonstrations when explaining the anatomy of the skull, so the entire classroom could easily see it. The story online is this skull was found in New Zealand. It was created for a Photoshop contest at worth1000 a couple of years ago. It helps people write a great story about the photo when the original popular website name is nowhere to be found on them. This one is an actual real skeleton found in the Peru forest by Renato Davila Riquelme who works at Privado Ritos Andinos museum, in Peru. The photo above supposedly is an enhanced colored version of one of those skeletons found. The skeleton to me does not look like it’s laying correctly, since the man is standing on flat ground. To me it looks like the men are uncovering a sunken ship or something else. Not to mention some people such as Al Gore actually profit from Carbon Taxes and other green energy laws.

“Right here in the third paragraph your uncle says, ‘To my niece Sarah, I bequeath 0,000; to my cousin Janice, ,000; and to my nephew Charles, who was always curious to know if he was mentioned in my will, I say-Hi, Charles.’” (Reader’s Digest [11/77], p.

Some of these stories are great, it’s easy to think they are true. Awww the worth1000 watermark is a dead giveaway that this skull is fake. You can still find this skeleton on display there today.

Some people associate these photos with the biblical fallen angel giants called Nephilim. The body measured 20 inches, while the head is also about 20 inches. Scientists around the world have done DNA tests on the skeleton with no firm results if whether this is a human or a mysterious being?

For years now I have seen these giant human skeleton photos being passed around on the internet. Most of these photos have been created by or submitted to worth1000 SOURCE This one has been proven over and over again online to be a fake. Villagers crowding around to dig up these giant skeletons.

Worth1000′s photos are brilliant but also fake Photoshops. This is actually a fake giant skull though, made by Harvard Medical School in the 1890′s. The skull is in too good of condition and too bright in colors. Their is another photo online of the skeletons not even in the picture.


  1. Are these real giant human skeletons? Or are they good fakes created by advanced Photoshop users? Check this page out, to find out.

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