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8- No need to put pressure on yourself, just relax and enjoy time with your new partner.Thanks to casual dating sites, your desire to have anonymous sexual encounters doesn't have to remain an unfulfilled fantasy!Our ranked websites have all passed our safety tests and we fully recommend them as you won’t have to worry about anything else than enjoying your online experience.Contrary to Serious dating websites, Casual ones are more open and matches tend to happen quicker.

We are sure these websites will meet your expectations regarding the online dating website's quality, reactivity and variety of its members. Casual dating sounds attractive and glamorous to some people who prefer to remain engagement-free.

2- Keep your options open: there is no commitment with casual dating.

3- Go ahead and chat to potential partners, don’t be shy!

Last but not least, we have gathered the 8 main rules of casual dating for you to always keep them in mind.

1- Be honest about your goals, it goes both for yourself and for the others.


  1. Are you on a serious dating site or casual dating site? It's all to do with the people you’re dating. Learn the signs which reveal if its serious or casual.

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