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Lawn Bowls was first played in North America in the early 1600's in the United States.

Records show that President George Washington played bowls on his estate.

Other games are "Pairs" - four players in two teams, each player having four bowls, "Triples" - three players with three bowls each and "Rinks" or "Fours" - four players two bowls each.

Each bowl is less rounded on one side which results in the bowl being "biased" in one direction due to the extra weight on one side.

At one time the stones that slide across the ice were pieces of granite weighing up to 56kg.

In Australia, bowls first was played in Sandy Bay, Tasmania in 1844.In 1845, the ban was lifted, and people were again allowed to play bowls and other games of skill.The earliest documented use of the word 'Jack' in Bowls is either from 1611 "Was there euer man had such lucke?Whether this famous story really took place has been heavily debated. However, he banned the game for those who were not wealthy or "well to do" because "Bowyers, Fletchers, Stringers and Arrowhead makers" were spending more time at recreational events such as bowls instead of practising their trade.Henry VIII requested that anybody who wished to keep a green pay a fee of 100 pounds.A sport played by young men called "casting the stone" is mentioned by William Fitz Stephen, a close friend of Thomas Becket, in the preface of his biography Vita Sancti Thomae written during the twelfth century .Casting of stones translates in Latin as "jactu lapidum" and was a game in which rounded stones were thrown at or bowled towards a target object and so some are persuaded that the modern word 'Jack' derives originally from this term.The English Bowling Association was founded in 1903 and it is very well organised sport which hosts numerous competitions from the club to the national level.The sport is most popular in the South of England with thousands of devotees.Because success doesn't require physical fitness, it is particularly favoured by older folk but there are a lot of younger players, too.As with many English sports, Lawn Bowls spread to the the British colonies from the 1600s onwards.


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