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Interracial relationships online dating

While the majority of all races still marry another person of the same race, it can sometimes feel like members of your own race are being chosen by another race.

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In these marriages, it is 3.08 times more likely for the husband to be White and the wife to be Asian. When these couples do marry, it's 6.15 times more likely that the husband will be African-American and the wife Asian.

According to Ortega and Hergovich, the apps’ signature behavior of pushing you out of your network has big consequences for interracial marriage, which was made legal in the U. Online dating can’t be the sole reason for the increase, but it has accelerated the trend, the economists argue.

America was already diversifying: the percentage of Americans who are white fell from 83.1 percent to 72.4 percent from 1980 to 2010.

If you are considering interracial dating, you may be curious about statistics on interracial relationships.

While the rate of interracial dating and marriage has definitely grown in the past decades, exactly how many are marrying?


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