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Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

The whole process was done at abour , which was a little under the 4-6 hour installation time they told me to be prepared for.

Verizon came out and installed Verizon Fi OS TV and Internet at my house today. The two installers arrived at pm, which was right in the middle of the 1-5 window Verizon gave.

Channel View: Guide: Recorded Shows (Now Playing List): Scheduled Series (Season Pass Manager): Menu (Direc TV Central): One menu that Direc Tivo doesn’t have is Verizon’s Mini-Guide.

Here’s a picture of that: Overall, I’m very pleased initially. The only channel that I know I don’t have anymore is OLN (and I don’t watch NHL games or the Tour de France, so I won’t miss it).

This unit is able to record one show and watch another. They provided a component cable, but I connected it to my tv with an HDMI cable.

Here are some pictures of the unit: Overall, I’m very impressed with the DVR. The Motorola system is Microsoft based, so it is very similar to what I was used to with that.

I also really like being able to set up a series to be recorded by pressing record twice in the guide.

Here are some pictures of the router and NIM: The installers told me that the “Cable Out” connection wasn’t enabled. I connected a small tv in the office to the connection and I was able to access the basic cable channels (about 15 channels). The DVR STB provided by Verizon is a Motorol DVR QIP6416-1. With the Direc TV system, there was an input for each tuner.I liked being able to pause one live show and then change tuners to watch another channel with Tivo.I can do this in theory with my new one by recording two shows, but the functionality of the Direc Tivo was a little better.For the internet service, they ran a Cat5e cable from the ONT along the outside of my house (hid just underneath the roof overhang) to my office, which connected to the wireless router they provided (D-Link DI-624).They used my existing coax cable, that previously ran to my Comcast Cable modem, to connect to the Network Interface Module (NIM, Model – Motorola NIM100).The NIM is required to access Video-On-Demand and Pay-Per-View shows.Also, I believe the NIM will one day be used to watch DVR recorded shows from any Set Top Box (STB) in the house.The Verizon makes up for it, however, by being able to see a thumbnail of the show you’re watching when you’re in a menu. I assumed it would have one, since Ultimate TV had it, but I assumed wrong.I never used it on the Direc Tivo though, so I won’t really miss it.In the guide, if you highlight and select the channel it will show you the upcoming shows on that channel.— Response to Fred — From what I can tell, there is not a season pass type function that will automatically record based on specific criteria.


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  2. My Switch from DSL to Verizon FIOS. I used Windows Remote Desktop to get. It's now the case that I can get FiOS HD TV service with a DVR for less cost.

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