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Donkey Kong was ported to many consoles and computers at the time, and the title helped to cement Nintendo's position as an important name in the video game industry internationally.

The following year, Donkey Kong received a sequel, Donkey Kong Jr..

Other acrobatic maneuvers may factor into the gameplay as well, such as swinging from objects such as vines or grappling hooks, as in Ristar or Bionic Commando, or bouncing from springboards or trampolines, as in Alpha Waves.Environments often feature uneven terrain requiring jumping and climbing in order to traverse them.Player often have some control over the height and distance of jumps to avoid letting their character fall to their death or miss necessary jumps.Donkey Kong had a limited amount of platforming in its first two screens, but its last two screens had a more pronounced platform jumping component.This game also introduced Mario, a modern icon of the genre, under the name Jumpman.Platform themes range from cartoon-like games to science fiction and fantasy epics.At one point, platform games were the most popular genre of video game.As of 2006, the genre had become far less dominant, representing a two percentage market share as compared to fifteen percent in 1998, but is still commercially viable, with a number of games selling in the millions of units.Since 2010, a variety of endless running platformers for mobile devices have brought renewed popularity to the genre. Because of the technical limitations of the day, early examples were confined to a static playing field, generally viewed in profile.The third game in the series, Donkey Kong 3, was not a platformer, but it was succeeded by Mario Bros, a platform game that offered two-player simultaneous cooperative play.This title laid the groundwork for other popular two-player cooperative platformers such as Fairyland Story and Bubble Bobble, which in turn influenced many of the single-screen platformers that would follow.


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