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These burdens are a price that we will pay for generations to come.

The weakening of matrimony and family life that results ultimately weakens our society and jeopardizes our future.

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Many of those who have served in the war zone suffer from this stress, which is related to traumatic experiences.

The calling to the Sacrament of Matrimony is so noble, yet it is currently challenged on many fronts, especially for military families in this time of war, deployment, and suffering.

The active-duty chaplains who serve our men and women in uniform and those who minister in the hospitals of the Veterans Health Administration will confirm that one of the most serious by-products of the wars in the Middle East are the burdens placed on families.

The SMART Couples project is offering ELEVATE, a fun, FREE, research-backed relationship enhancement class for couples, in 5 Florida counties. Resources: Marriage and Family—from Military Onesource The National Military Family Association Military Life: Spouse and Family After Deployment: Families and Friendship By Carol Church, lead writer, SMART Couples, Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida References Bushatz, A. Military divorce rate hits lowest level in 10 years.

You are about to enter a union which is most sacred and serious, an image of Christ and the Church.” Generations of couples heard those words of the Exhortation Before Marriage found in the ritual for the Sacrament of Marriage as celebrated before the Second Vatican Council.


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