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Bilhorod dnistrovskyi dating

The fortress was rebuilt in 1250-1264 when Prince Danylo of Halych , and his son Lev, added a half metre to the walls, built a 6 metre wide moat around the grounds, and added new military buildings in the northern part of the fortress.Throughout the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries, the fortress traded hands a number of times, first being taken by the Genoese, then the Principality of Moldavia who held it for quite a while before losing it to the Ottoman Empire, who lost it to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, who had it taken from them by the Zaporozhian Cossacks.

Eventually, the fortress became less and less important as a defensive outpost and now, it has been controlled by the Ukrainian state for over a century.

The Khotyn Fortress is in close proximity to the Kamianets-Podilkyi Castle.

The Khotyn Fortress’ origins go back to the 10th century when there was a fort build on the same site as the castle.

While not normally associated with great medieval architecture, Ukraine is littered with stunning, fascinating, and enchanting castles that can captivate the minds of any visitor.

Whether you like history, medieval architecture, or just a good old fashioned old building.


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