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The perils of internet dating

You can search for the person’s social media accounts and see if he or she is being true in how they are coming across on the dating site.

You can also search images to make sure you are not getting catfished by someone using a stock image or a stolen image as his or her own.

Today, though, with the internet, the possibilities are almost endless. You can connect with like-minded individuals based on your preferences, religion, hobbies, or a number of other factors.

If you’re 42 years old, get ready for the 65-year-old men. Most these guys would never approach a younger woman in person. Personally, I suggest you go up to 10 years older than you. I figured the guys over there should see I'm not a "wrinkled up old prune." And, Caroline and I stirred up the trolls today, I'm afraid.

You also have the chance to also narrow down the pool to people who most interest you through using filters and sites that are targeted to specific groups, like Flirtfair. Whether you want to find people who are Jewish or those who can play the piano, there is probably a site for that.

Beyond this, online dating gives you the chance to screen potential dates before you actually meet in real life.

Another beautiful woman of 42 years old, who has to deal with older guys chasing them online. When you’re 25 years old and you’re online dating, you better prepare yourself for the 50 year old guys coming on to you non-stop. For some odd reason, older guys truly believe the best way to meet younger women is using online dating. If you don’t want tons of emails from men in their 60’s, say you’re only interested in men between the age of 30-50 whatever it is.

One of my problems is I’m 42 years old, and most the men attracted to me online are in their 60’s.” It’s amazing isn’t it? When you’re online, you’re always going to get the older guys pursuing you relentlessly. That’s why it’s important you make your age range requirements clear on your dating profile.


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