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company selling electoral “management” (read: manipulation) to the highest bidder. I.’s power to crunch large volumes of data to design the most effective possible political campaigns. I.-born capabilities to partially automate national security, and even counter-attacks. to do careful political control of an individual or a party’s messaging, aka propaganda. One of Edward Snowden’s more shocking revelations was not that the NSA had begun using A. to augment its cyber-defenses (that should have been assumed), but that it was used its new A.The "@" told the computer I was talking to it directly. If I want to know who's logged in, for instance, I type @who. On my first day, just outside the living room in the Entrance Hall, I meet a Bay Area MOOer named Jongleur, "a wiry fellow in orange and black motley who carries a sack with juggling balls and a diabolo slung over his back." He's with someone by the name of Christ J.I set Johnny's gender to male (on Lambda MOO, you can be male, female, or neuter). So now that I'm a fully described, gendered character, I am ready to interact. Jongleur explains that his juggling balls really work: If you type a certain sequence of keystrokes at a certain cadence, you see text descriptions of balls being juggled. (I know this may seem a bit silly, but put a piece of paper over all but the next line and tease it down, line by line, to get the proper effect of text scrolling across your screen.

The reality is that, for high-level lawyering, it’s precisely the ability to see the rules that make a lawyer successful. In many places, the public defense corps is an unmitigated disaster — but A. don’t get tired, or jaded, or immediately judgemental.

Text marches up my screen, telling me I'm in the Living Room: It is very bright, open and airy here with large plate glass windows looking southward over the pool to the gardens beyond.

On the north wall, there is a rough stonework fireplace.

n the last ten years, artificial intelligence has changed the world in subtle but sweeping ways, but it’s got nothing on the coming decade, if you look at what’s being developed today. Distributed “botnets” designed to attack and harass over the internet are nothing new, but the autonomous propaganda efforts of actors all over the world are starting to truly come into their own. The Monster Mind platform can take retaliatory action against the world’s many hackers, an ability that Snowden has called the worst thing he saw in his time at NSA.

Voice recognition on every smartphone were simple proofs of concept. We don’t have any information about how effective Monster Mind and similar programs are at present, but we know they’ll play a major role in shaping global cyber-security in the future.


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