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Now the forecast calls for warmer temperatures, it looks like highs in the 40s next week.

That's great and all, but it also means it's time to start thinking about that 5-letter word no Grand Forks resident ever wants to hear: Flood.

The pidgin English which evolved here was a continue of the pidgin Englishes used all over the West African Coast visited by British Ships. In the early 1980s the oil boom somewhat subsided and there was also economic downturn in Nigeria due to low oil prices, jobs were no longer readily available even for Nigerians.

lso, Nigerian learners have trouble stressing words for questioning, such as Do you want the chocolate one or the vanilla one?A lot of residents knew it was bad news when we had record setting precipitation in the Fall.Then came the first blizzard of Winter, along with a ton of snow.After that was the bitter cold, which doesn't really affect the flood outlook as much as it just pisses us all off.It appears Winter made its final roar this month with Blizzard Coyote and gave us all the middle finger by dumping even more snow on us.This rhythm and stress difficulties make it hard for Nigerian learners to understand sarcasm in American English.intensifier We will go to the market, again does not mean for a second time, but simply intensifies the expression. compares to puts in Hausa kuma, Igbo ozo and Yoruba mo.As you can see the work of compiling a comprehensive English to Nigerian dictionary of Nigerian language will, therefore, never ever end.It is our intentions and hope that this Nigerian English dictionary will serve as the basis for even better, more accurate, and more comprehensive record of the word hoard of the Nigerian English Language Translation.TAGS: english nigerian dictionary english nigerian translation english pidgin dictionary english to nigerian dictionary english to nigerian language translation english to nigerian translation online english to nigerian translation english to nigerian translator english to nigerian features of nigerian english nigerian dictionary nigerian english dictionary nigerian english movies nigerian english translation nigerian english nigerian language dictionary nigerian pidgin english dictionary nigerian to english translation nigerian to english translator nigerian to english nigerian translation to english northern english slang northern english schoolboy slang southern english southern nigerian english student slang translate english to nigerian language translate english to nigerian translate english to pidgin translate from english to nigerian translate nigerian language to english translate nigerian to english translation english to nigerian tropical english The Nigerian English is always a work-in-progress website.Each new day brings to mind a new word or phrase; or a better understanding of an existing entry.


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