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Men giving up on dating

If a man said something similar about women, they’d get called out on it.

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Women tell men that the changes that they are making are for their benefit and will make them a better person to everyone they encounter. Men, single or not, should not put up with this and should be upfront that they will not put up with this or where they will draw a line of compromise.

Men have tried their best to be friendly, nice, and sociable and yet women still act those ways by following the bandwagon fallacy that all men are animals who are not worth their time.

Single men are giving up on women because they are sick of being thought of as animals.

Men are only the same in that they share xx chromosomes; beyond that men have range of different interests, goals, and views on life. If they are not able to make women happy or if women are unhappy for some reason, men receive the blame even if they try to help.

Most men don’t have the emotional dynamism that women want men to have that they think will make them be happy in a relationship.


  1. If you're a woman dating after 40, it will help you to know what it's like for the men you're meeting. Find out. In the following days I'm going to give you some of their stories of dating after 40 and relationships. Though a nice guy might try to break through and prove her wrong about men, he will give up out of exhaustion.

  2. Feb 14, 2018. Dating apps promised to save the singles of this tech mecca with the highest ratio of single men to women in the country.

  3. Jan 17, 2017. Last time I hung out with my girlfriends, the talk turned to why we have a better time hanging out with each other than with the guys we're dating. Several of the girls had recently broken up with their boyfriends. A couple others were seriously considering it. Only the ones who'd been married a long time were.

  4. Jan 26, 2016. Two Responses here sum it up pretty well “don't make men wait for sex, it's emotional abuse” and “I don't want any of the women available to me because they have baggage, kids, etc.” Check any dating site statistics, men want younger women who give them lots of sex. Period. It's all about one thing for.

  5. When you're 50 and waiting for a 55 year old man to call, and he doesn'tit's not your grownup woman who freaks out and feels like crap. It's your 18 year old rearing her ugly head. Rejection during the dating phase most often comes in the form of never getting another call. We can talk about the character of a man who.

  6. I never subscribed to the idea that our generation was all about instant gratification, but after spending a lot of time on Tinder the only free dating app that a lot of people use and OkCupid, and seeing that the vast majority of men are just looking to hook up, I'm starting to agree. I'm finished with being someone's instant.

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