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Abdulrahman and friends in free commuinty dating online

In recent decades, some Kurdish linguists have published or translated books dealing with their specialties, which include a glossary of new terms at the back of the volume.

In compiling lists of words used specifically in the fields of commerce and politics, I have used some Latin, French and English terminology as these terms are used in the most widely spoken languages.

I have spent the academic year 1974 - 1975 on Sabbatical leaved in London where I had the privilege of meeting occasionally with the Kurdish scholar. Tawfiq Wahbi, who was fluent in at least seven languages.

One day he asked me why I was not working on the Kurdish legal language.

At present, unless they start with Arabic, they don't understand the meaning of the laws.

The definitions of words has been given in French and English for two reasons.


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