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End two:you buy some drinks for the guy in the bar and he give you a passport for Hole.

Also, the design of all the characters and their costumes in this game is fantastic. There is another bug in the first scene that I got quite a few times, where you are about to meet Jasmine but then it jumps you back to the intro, and then when you start over Cy is there but the items are gone, and you have to restart. I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug. It didn`t seem as linear as the other games, which is very good. Anyone have a link to the episode II or know if there will actually be one ? This game needs to be developped into a full adult version! The atmosphere was great, the story was simple but there is a lot of possibilities for a new episode. Had to wander back and forth more than once and I didn`t to see all endings yet but it seems like "to be continued" is what we get no matter what.Dont have sex with Rage, get her ring, go outside "the Hole" then talk with the women in red [Melidina]. Then go to Hole, speak, check the two ppl there and the entrance sometimes.As a sidenote (and hopefully temporary, hence the different post): the pointing arrow indeed disappears after the scene with Rage. Slow mechanics, not quite sure what to do at times, no real direction. I would play it if it was polished intencely Great game, I really like the matrix/shadowrun like atmosphere.one of the most well developed and graphically impress games for sure. im kinda stuck on this game, will be revisiting later. The story is good, the graphics are good and the gameplay is good. The sex scenes were good too ;) I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug.A few things kind of confused me at first, but I was able to figure it out after a bit. After I finish fucking Rage, I search the apartment (corpse in bathroom, etc.). Then a Charon operative comes in and points a gun at me. can`t help it but to play d second time to get varies ending.I can "examine" the operative, Rage, and myself, but I cannot continue. love the futuristic and detective mystery solving story line. hmmm interesting game i wonder if there is going to be a part two too this game the way two of the endings are.The idea would sorth a cyberpunk movie or a "bigger" game :) Looking forward the following episodes, hopefully we`re going to get them! Interesting story - especially when it will be continued.Good character creation (not only main hero but also all that can be met in the game).


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