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With Sir Christopher falling on his sword, many have been wondering who has been advising Her Majesty on the current changes.

‘Don’t forget that the Queen is still the boss and will always take her own decisions, no matter what the advice,’ said a royal insider.

shaped Israel’s relationship with Yhwh whereby Yhwh became their patron deity.

This relationship has clear expectations of both parties and holds the promise of a glorious future.

Ordered to work under one roof at Buckingham Palace, the various press officers eventually decided to stay put in their respective offices.

Buckingham Palace made no comment last night but a source said it would ‘notify appointments in the appropriate way’.

Moreover, it seems her views have been echoed by Prince Charles.

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The shake-up is also seen as a response to the increasingly chaotic rivalry between the separate households – Kensington Palace, run by the young royals, Clarence House, home to Charles and Buckingham Palace itself.

Because this failed to curtail their growth, all male Hebrew infants were killed—all but one.

When Moses was born (2), his parents hid him temporarily and then put him into a basket and set him afloat on the Nile River.

It is notable that the one household to remain stable has been Charles’s Clarence House, despite the significant departure of experienced PR expert Kristina Kyriacou.

She resigned last year, and was replaced by former BBC PR man Julian Payne.


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