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But, the decline is most dramatic for Australia with sales volumes only 44% of what they were five years ago.With volume falls of this magnitude you can understand why investors have abandoned Haynes, pushing the share from over £4 to only £1.25.mechanics’ familiarity with the Haynes Pro system, combined with natural human inertia, mitigate against switching to competitors’ offerings.It offers data on 19,000 vehicles in 25 languages with over 1,000,000 data requests per day, helping with: •maintenance and repair methods; •tracing and fixing electronic faults; •links to component codes; •ordering the right parts; •job cost estimates; •comfort wiring diagrams.The 1 year high share price is 230p while the 1 year low share price is currently 152.50p.There are currently 6,851,540 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 1,564 shares.It is the market leader in many European countries, with a duopoly in the UK and close to monopoly in other countries (e.g.

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There was no smoking ban, so whether you were a smoker or not you’d come home from every single night out stinking of smoke. People transported their hi-fi systems and CD collection to uni, even if they only had a tiny room. What with £1 cocktails, shooters and happy hour it was never easier to get wasted on less than a fiver. The only photos of your uni days are grainy hard copies. The sellers do not see a future for a business that expensively strips down a car, writes a manual and then tries to interest DIYers in buying it, when they could access information from the web for free, or get the local garage to work on the ever more complex repairs and maintenance jobs. America and Aus.) 340 1,237 2,612 1,755 2,625 And yet, there are glimpses of light for the automotive and the non-automotive manuals businesses. Second, operating profit in North America remains positive, despite volume reductions.Revenue and operating profits Revenue £000s 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 United Kingdom (mostly printed consumer manuals) 4,918 4,741 5,950 6,808 7,415 Rest of Europe (mostly Professional, “Haynes Pro”) 7,971 6,700 6,591 6,106 5,918 USA (manuals) 11,021 11,963 12,685 11,164 12,888 Australasia (manuals) 1,093 1,859 2,751 2,553 2,496 Rest of World (manuals) 707 802 1,307 1,001 1,097 Analysed as follows: Printed products 17,575 19,454 22,955 22,209 24,692 Digital 7,945 6,377 6,073 5,160 4,698 Rights and licenses 190 234 256 263 424 Operating profit Op. I’ll look at some more reasons for hope in the next two Newsletters.hares/) I ask if Haynes' current share price low relative to the average of the last eight earnings per share numbers?It is set to take on more staff, while the older paper-based manuals business sheds people.To put Haynes Pro profit in perspective: the Group’s market capitalisation is £19m, at a share price of £1.25.The answer reveals a current share price only 5 times greater than the average eps over eight years.Given the evidence I previously presented of the market tending to underweight the potential for "reversion to the mean" in earnings growth I think this gives us an indication that this share is worthy of more investigation.And if we wanted to send an email we had to queue in the library for an hour and then wait ten minutes for each page to load up. Well we didn’t know any different and at least most of us didn’t have to pay tuition fees (they were introduced in September 1998). Here are 16 ways that university was different in the 1990s to today: 1. So if you wanted to meet a friend you’d have to actually turn up on time. You were jealous of the handful of students who had their own (very large) PC and could type up their essays in the comfort of their own room. If you were lucky your mum sent you a BT Chargecard so you could call home without the need to scrabble around and look for 20p pieces. You owned fountain pens, pads of A4 lined paper and ring binders because you actually had to handwrite your essays and physically hand them in to your lecturer for marking. Everyone had one friend with a fat Nokia which they used to speak to their mum and play Snake during lectures. With no Netflix or the Internet some days entertainment only got as good watching Neighbours twice a day. Even if they did have to get two people to carry it to their dad’s car at the end of term. The post arriving was always an event with long handwritten letters from your mum and friends at other unis. Spending at least 10 minutes waiting for each web page to load in the university computer room. Turnover in this business, Haynes Pro, has doubled in eight years to about £8m, after rising by a very impressive 29% last year.Furthermore, in the Report and Accounts just published the directors say that the 2016/17 year has started very well for the professional side of its business, with “strong first quarter trading”, so further profit gains can be expected.


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