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Marriage and dating middle ages

Following her divorce, she moved to verdant Hampshire, where she finds “car-key parties not such a myth’’.With so many couples “visibly unfulfilled and bored”, single neighbours can seem a cross-the-finish prize: one sexy divorcee has “been with every guy, as they become single.” Divorce, it seems, is a catalyst. As more of Sinead’s friends started to separate, sedate soirées turned to carnage: paunchy 50-year-olds groped their mate’s ex in the flower-bed; demure wives sexted across the dancefloor.Here’s a look at the well-known courtship customs and matrimony practices throughout history, divided from the Middle ages to modern romance.See also the Evolution of Bridal Lingerie and the Royal Wedding vs The Average Wedding.Not any more: the mid-life marriage meltdown is on the rise, from Hollywood to Huddersfield.

“We loved them both dearly,” says Sally, “but there was a selfish bit of me that did want to cry: 'We’ve just got everything nice, and now you’ve ballsed it all up.’” Though my pal’s marriage survived, be warned: When it comes to inter-marital groping, the Home Counties are a hot-bed – as Kim discovered.

“The saying goes that if a marriage gets through the 'frustrated forties’ then it will survive forever, and I would agree with this,” says Becky Spelman, a relationship counsellor with the Private Therapy Clinic in London.

“To many, the age of 40 represents an opportunity to analyse the success of your life and your choices, including marriage partner.” • The D Word: Is fear the only thing keeping me from divorce?

And there has been a 0.5 per cent increase in divorce for 40- to 44-year-olds between 20, when 22,506 people called time on their marriages.

In a further – and not entirely unexpected – development, successful women with younger husbands are particularly vulnerable, according to Manchester-based solicitors JMW, who report a rise in younger husbands leaving their middle-aged wives.


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