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Dating site for sale domain

I had a special personal consideration to think of as well, I didn’t want my site to go to just anybody, it had to go to someone that would look after it and keep the dream alive.I didn’t want some overseas buyer to absorb the site into their business and lose the great community that I had.You should prepare at least these figures: Most web servers come with a statistics package. The most common are Awstats (demo) and Webalizer (demo) which often are preinstalled on many hosting packages.Become familiar with these packages so you can accurately assess your site traffic.The new owners had to share the passion I had when I first started and hopefully take the site to new heights.(In the end though I would have taken anything if I exhausted all options to find good owners – I wanted to walk away with something for my hard work even if it meant the site would die a slow death under new management.That’s what my friends told me after I sold my site. ” Me: “Yeah” Friend: “But a website isn’t anything, how did you get money for it?

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With my 2-3 times revenue figure firmly planted in my mind as a goal to work for I went off to find a buyer.

Eventually it became time to move on and pass my baby on to new hands that would keep it growing and moving forward.

The funny thing was I didn’t really think about selling my site because it was making money so consistently.

It is a joyous time when you are ready to sell your website.

While you will be fraught with questions and unknown variables when ultimately you decide to sell your website it can be like winning a jackpot and a big change to your life.


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