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Christian dating goal setting

It is not an accurate translation from the original Hebrew text, in the way we would understand it in modern English usage. Up-to-date versions of the Bible translate this to bring out the true meaning.

It is not intended as a proposition to encourage goal-setting, but as the truth that without the revelation, and implied admonition, of the Old Testament prophets who received the Word of God, the people would have had no restraint on their behaviour. Nowhere does the Bible say that God helps those who help themselves.

The focus of the Christian life is Jesus Christ and His glory – nothing more and nothing less. In fact, from the recorded history of Israel to the redemption that Jesus won for us on the cross, the message of the Bible is that God helps those who come to realise that they desperately need His help. Statistically, it’s 99% sure you will die, not on the run but in your sleep.

The Western World is driven by a need to perform and to achieve. If God is not doing anything, eat an ice-cream and be happy.

The only way to combat fear is to make a conscientious point of trusting God.

Be a Daughter of the King The first goal of a Godly Woman: know that God is Love and mirror that Love to others To be “godly” doesn’t mean to aspire to be a “God” but, rather, to act in a way that reflects God’s love.

It is a four-letter word and has no real place in a Christian’s vocabulary because of its implication of one’s lack of trust in God.

When you have done this, please come back to see me.”It took the man many hours to do what the Rabbi suggested.

Exhausted, but pleased that he had followed the rabbi’s instructions perfectly, the man returned and said, “Rabbouni, I have done what you asked.


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