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Yahoo adult web cams

All of the “we won’t screw this up” mantras in the world aren’t enough to reassure us that this place we’re so entrenched in and devoted to will remain the place it is …

but luckily, there seem to be a fair amount of indications we’re all going to be OK.

Mayer answers, saying, “We respect copyright, so we have systems for identifying copyrighted content where needed. This is what the press release said: Internet search engine Yahoo! confirmed Thursday it will buy Geo Cities, a fast-growing Web site community, in a .6 billion deal that will further solidify Yahoo! But hold up: Just because Yahoo has long been trying to corner some cool doesn’t mean that Tumblr faces the same fate as Geo Cities.

And with that, it became easier than ever to kill Internet attribution!

So wouldn’t introducing another publishing entity – Yahoo – into this already confusing arena make it worse? and what scares me most is that many concerned Tumblr users don’t even know what Geo Cities is (which makes me feel like this).

It’s no secret that Tumblr isn’t your average social network.

It’s a blogging platform that found its footing in encouraging creation over comments.


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