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Intimidating fight talk

There was work as a freight brakeman on the Southern Pacific railroad and a back injury suffered in an engine derailment and at one point the indignities of homelessness, hitching, being flat broke. This quintessential American and often challenging personal passage materially defined Imus, instilling him with humility, a deep respect for our country and its workers, and a disturbing need to get even.

He emerged from the experience with attributes that contributed enormously to the broadcasting distinction he would realize: an intrinsic, conspicuous authenticity, and a unique ability to connect with real people who work hard, serve their country, and care passionately about what really matters in the world.

Discovery – Both sides disclose evidence to each other that supports their respective cases.

A class action lawsuit allows individuals to join together as a group and all file one lawsuit against a common defendant.

He was the recipient of four Marconi awards, broadcasting’s equivalent of Hollywood’s Oscars.

It got to the point that he would throw this or that slab of walnut with crystal crap glued to it against the wall of his office as a convenient means of intimidating horrified underlings.

Pay Out – Proceeds are distributed to class members.

Dismissed – A case can be dismissed at any point during the ten-stage process.


  1. When it comes to asking for donations, most of us head for the hills. It’s intimidating to ask other people to donate. Here's how to take the pressure off.

  2. Imus broadcast his first program from New York City back in 1971. His life journey has by some accounts been arduous, by other accounts a freak parade, and by still.

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