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This evidence strengthens the theory that the Vikings traded with Islamic civilisations, or came into contact with the culture in Spain" (Source) "The great thing about the Primary Chronicle is that it is the Vikings speaking. And the story it tells is that local Slav tribes had no law and rose up against one another. For the 845 raid, see Annales Xantenses 1909, 14-15; Ex Miraculis s.

And so they went to the Rus' and they said, ‘Our land is vast and rich, but it has no order in it. " ( - Pages 213 to 219 - Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi 7 (1987–1991).

This news story did not mention Vikings specifically, however, the area where this cup was discovered close to the Volga-Trade route.

As mentioned in the above article, the Vikings had a long trade connection around that area and the Viking are known to have settled and ruled in Russia.

The mention of the fur trade made the Viking and Muslim connection stronger.

With the above discoveries of Persian silk and Arabic inscribed in the Viking burial clothes, there could be more to this cup than meets the eye.

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Scientists recently made a startling discovery whilst on an expedition to monitor permafrost on the Gydan Peninsula; a 1,000-year-old bronze cup from ancient Persia (modern day Iran).

The discovery was made close to the Kara Sea, the furthest north such an artefact has been found.

As stated and predicted in the above article dating back to May 2015, additional studies and research may reveal more artefacts signifying European and Muslim Civilisation interconnectivity even further still…

The news of researchers in Sweden finding patterns woven with silk and silver thread spelling the words It is interesting to see these discoveries are receiving wider media attention.


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  2. Dating back to March 2015, news regarding the discovery of a ring found on a Viking woman in an ancient burial ground with the inscription 'For/To Allah' erupted in.

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