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Dating double standards against men Sex chat mp3

Specifically, which are the most tear-your-hair-out frustrating?I've listed three annoying ones below—chime in with your thoughts in the comments!Women can literally have the worst manners, be absolutely rude, say the meanest shit about a man's looks or his short stature, or how much of a loser he is, etc., and get completely away with it. The kid is not using his incredible force to browbeat you into submission.If a man, on the other hand, says one rude thing to a woman (such as a comment about her weight), he becomes excommunicated by society and socially reprimanded. If you're the average dude, you can always kick the shit out of the average woman, which is why it's more serious.A Plain Jane receives more likes of a selfie pic on facebook, more free drinks and presents, more invites to parties, more socially preferential treatment, more approaches by the opposite sex, more friends and social support, in just 1 day...compared to the Average Joe receives over the course of 10 years.

Let that which does not matter truly slide, most people already know what they have to do to be where they want to be, they just don't take a explicit and serious commitment to themselves.As soon as I see some dude start rambling about "men's rights", an alarm immediately goes off in my head saying "incel". It particularly incenses me when I see women posting personal ads stipulating that potential respondents be over 6' feet tall. Too many self-entitled feminists expect you to lick their ass for the whole day.But very few do anything to help women who are really disadvantaged in Africa, Middle East and South Asia.It's like you have to be born with extraordinary looks and work hard every day of your life and achieve amazing goals just to be noticed by the opposite sex.Meanwhile, women just have to cut out the extra couple cupcakes and twinkies they eat and go to the gym 2-3 times more often a week and they have thousands of men interested in them. Which is why I think the concept of "male privilege" is absurd if you look at the big picture.This girl is CEO of some startup and has a good salary.The boy is a good cook, and a photographer and blogger.A man has to be tall, dark, handsome, have a good job, have ambitions, a good personality, social status, good looks (above average doesn't cut it) to have a fulfilling sex life and to get a decent looking woman to commit to him.Everything a woman touches is golden - society always comes to her aid and defends her, even if she is wrong. Get ride of all your vanities and feelings of self-entitlement, no one has to like you and the world is not unfair because some people were naturally born in an advantageous position or achieved more than you did.If all you do is complain about how the world is unfair to men you're gonna end up like those ugly, fat, sexually frustrated feminist dykes.While we're getting closer to making gender equality a reality, we're clearly not quite there yet.


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