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Updating x conf file methods of absolute fossil dating

I think this is because the newer versions of xserver-xorg rely more on auto-detecting the configuration during runtime rather than looking at Details: --You will be asked a bunch of questions about your hardware, do your best to answer.The bad side: There is no way for my grandmother to do this. It is currently common to build a number of releases from a single code base.This method does not work with Hardy Heron and probably all versions to follow (including Intrepid Ibex).This method seems to ONLY work with Gutsy Gibbon and older.This How To Guide is primarily for users who cannot get into the GUI after a fresh install, a dist-upgrade, a new video card install, or a video driver upgrade, and for users who cannot set their screen resolutions correctly from within the GUI.

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Otherwise, I need to see your file: I have tried this at all prority levels and none of them asked be video driver or monitor related questions.This is due to a change in PHP versions which is often done at the same time as an Ampache upgrade. Still follow the basic instructions however when attempting to login Ampache will redirect you to a different update page telling you that your php is out of date and must be updated.Run the command line script as instructed before continuing."xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwritting possibly customized configuration file: backup in /etc/X11/20080203121105" - is not an error.This is normal, it is making a backup of your old and putting the new one in its place. Year Month Day Time If you need specific help with cards, please start a new thread and somebody will be glad to help you out there.Nvidia users tend to use this more, but newer ATI cards also need them. Installing Nvidia propriety drivers Installing ATI propriety drivers Details on ati/radeon open source drivers If something doesn’t work out correctly and you want to recover your previous configuration for X, then restore your backup: Then restart X.Please do not post help questions on this thread, start a new thread on the Absolute Beginner’s Forum instead.Below is a simple command line way to backup your My SQL database.Whenever you upgrade Ampache it is recommend that you run a catalog Verify so that any improvements/changes to the tag reading process are applied to your local collection.Otherwise select “vesa” – this is more of a fallback driver if the other options don’t work, it is useful to select this to get into the GUI initially, then install the propriety drivers if needed (step 4).--When asked about screen resolutions, use TAB to move and SPACEBAR to select your monitor’s max resolution and everything less. This is for users whose cards do not have full support with the open source drivers.


  1. Feb 8, 2008. UPDATE This method does not work with Hardy Heron and probably all versions to follow including Intrepid Ibex. This method seems to ONLY. xserver-xorg postinst warning overwritting possibly customized configuration file backup in /etc/X11/20080203121105. Any Tips? Currently using.

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