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If all four LEDs are blink once, release the battery power button.

Then, you can see the light flows quickly from LED1 to LED4.

Here are the DJI Spark firmware update steps to bring it to the latest version.

These Spark firmware instructions include updating the quadcopter, the remote controller and the Spark battery.

DJI released a notice to all of its enterprise resellers advising them “To further improve flight safety and user experience, DJI has released an important firmware update for the TB50/ TB55 intelligent flight batteries.

“ DJI states that the update to the batteries should be done ASAP.

It is always a good idea to read the release notes for every DJI Spark firmware update.

Then you will know what issues are being fixed or new features being added.

Then, to update the Mavic Pro controller, unplug the aircraft from your mobile device and plug your mobile device into the controller. Finally, please insert any other Mavic batteries you intend to use with your Mavic Pro and repeat the process for each battery.

It can also happen that after you have updated the firmware, you might notice an issue with your quadcopter, gimbal, camera or remote controller etc.

Reading the Spark release notes, then you would know whether the update targeted the particular component.

This is to ensure that the firmware is consistent across all batteries, aircraft and controllers to prevent any operation issues.

Please don’t forget to visit our help page for more guides on common Mavic Pro issues.


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