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Free sex dating site with phone numbers

Don't automatically think that because you're paying more you're getting more. You may only talk for three minutes, but if the service charges a ten-minute minimum, you'll be billed for it. You CAN set a designated cut-off limit and have the dispatcher instruct the phone slut to end the call after X amount of minutes.

Make sure you specifically ASK what the rate is and if it changes the longer you talk. If you want to go beyond a cut-off, however, the phone slut will have to end the call and you'll have to call the dispatcher and request a new session. Beware services with advertising slogans like "hot Swedish sluts wet and ready for your call." Oftentimes, these can be services that connect out of the country, and the girls don't necessarily speak English.

The billing rate does not necessarily correspond to the level of experience you can expect.

A company that charges only .99 per minute may have been in business longer than the one that charges .99 per minute.

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An experienced phone sex operator can talk you through any type of fantasy you have.1.

011 numbers: These are offshore numbers, most of which go to many different countries including islands in the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa.

This is where you might be likely to run into phone sluts with thick accents.

They mean you're probably connecting to a sweat shop.

Quite frankly, the only johns who use these types of services are the one who don't have any other method of payment available to them.


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