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Dating look alikes

Just click on the Register To Join link at the top of the page and then purchase the VIP Membership Subscription when prompted to do so How do I actually communicate with celebrities and celebrity look a likes? You send them a message via our system and then the celebrity responds via our system.

If the celebrity is interested in you they'll contact you and take it from there.

Whether you're a real celebrity or you'd just like to date one the Celebrity Dating Network is for you.This website will instantly give you a quotation for your lookalike request, whether it is just for one celebrity lookalike or for multiple looka-alikes it is instantly available here at the click of your mouse.We have a copyrighted formula to calculate all your entered details which will give you an instant quotation that includes all expenses so you are just left with knowing exactly what the final price is. No more waiting for agencies to get back to you with prices, no more waiting for lookalikes availability, no more waiting for contracts to arrive in the post, this website gives you it all instantly.Fake Faces Ltd is a modern lookalike agency with an understanding that times are changing not only in the celebrity world but also in the technology world and how businesses operate between each other.With access to the latest computer technology and mobile communication systems Fake Faces Ltd is the UK's leading lookalike agency.Buzz Feed tried out the app, and they reported most of their matches were totally accurate doppelgangers.Needless to say, other dating apps aren't super thrilled about this process, Buzz Feed reports.Most people are just looking for someone with a certain resemblance to someone.Others just want to date someone who sort of looks like their ex.They also expire when you cancel your VIP Membership. You only use your celebrity email credits when emailing actual celebrities and you must have a VIP Membership to do so.Can I purchase more celebrity email credits if I run out before my VIP Membership Subscription auto-renews next month? Does it cost anything to contact non-celebrity or celebrity look a likes? A basic membership will allow you to do that for free.


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