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“History” has a nice unexpected chord change when the chorus rolls around.

130; junkie in Boston; 300; China Pearl Place 133; in Boston Chit Chat Farms Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania State 749; where Maranthe (as Henri, the Swiss) did detox Choosy Mothers 582; (name taken from 1970s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif." Chore Boys 222; 225 Chrétien, J.

This was a shame because the narrator’s father was obsessed with soccer and it was the only way the narrator spent any time with him–whether watching it on TV or watching as his father played goalie for thier local club.

The father was a good goalie but he was very loud: always shouting and directing people “Pass it back! But mostly the story is about the narrator and Camilo together–going to the narrator’s first concert, stealing a Talking Heads cassette (spontaneously).

Camilo even showed him (disastrously) how to chat up girls.

Eventually Camilo began enjoying soccer with them, even if he really knew nothing about it.


  1. Apparently there are a good number of people living in The United States of America who consider waving the Star Spangled Banner a racist act.

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