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They found that 80 per cent of European men shared the same Y chromosone mutation and after analysing how the mutation was distributed across Europe, were able to retrace how Europe was colonised around 8,000BC.

Prof Mark Jobling, who led the study: 'This was at the time of the Neolithic revolution when they developed a new style of tools, symmetrical, beautiful tools.'At this stage about 10,000 years ago there was evidence of the first settlements, people stopped being nomadic hunter-gatherers and started building communities.

The waves of migrants brought their new skills with them.

Some settled down with local tribes and taught them how to farm, the researchers believe.'When the expansion happened these men had a reproductive advantage because they were able to grow more food so they were more attractive to women and had more offspring,' said Prof Jobling.'In total more than 80 per cent of European men have Y chromosomes which descend from incoming farmers.

Farmers’ Daughters was set up in January by Carol Lawless, Rachel Day and Shannon Kelly-Smith as a way of sharing farming jokes with like-minded individuals.

Speaking on LMFM’s Late Lunch on Monday, Daly and Lawless said they soon found their true calling: They started taking nominations for ‘Farmer of the Day’ posts, in which eligible bachelor (and sometimes bachelorette) farmers can show themselves off in the hopes of finding romance.

The region was the cradle of civilisation and home to the Babylonia, Sumer and Assyrian empires.Newgrange is a prehistoric passage tomb more than 5,000 years old.It was constructed not only as a burial tomb but as a territorial marker, a temple for worship and place to honor the deceased.Like Newgrange, Tara has its own passage tomb, dating back to 2500 or 3000 B. Nestled in County Wicklow, Glendalough is truly a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of town.Its main draw is Wicklow National Park and the various 11th- and 12th-century monastic sights in the area.Walk along the River Boyne, venturing off to see Saint Peter's church, the Highlanes Gallery and Millmount Museum at Martello Tower.This medieval town's storied past makes it a great destination to immerse yourself in Ireland's rich history. From verdant pastures spotted with sheep to medieval towns with cobblestone streets, there's plenty to see.However, these eight towns along the Southern coast stand out as exceptional examples of Ireland's hospitality, beauty and historic past.'It seems odd to think that the majority of men in Ireland have fore fathers from the near East and that British people have forefathers from the near East.' The findings are published in the science journal PLo S Biology.Dr Patricia Balaresque, a co-author of the study, said: 'This means that more than 80 per cent of European Y chromosomes descend from incoming farmers.'In contrast, other studies have shown that DNA passed down from mothers to daughters can be traced by to hunter-gatherers in Europe, she said.'To us, this suggests a reproductive advantage for farming males over indigenous hunter-gatherer males during the switch from hunting and gathering, to farming - maybe, back then, it was just sexier to be a farmer,' she said.


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