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Only on a ‘very small number of occasions’ were drugs administered against his will.Throughout his time at Ashworth Brady was verbally abusive, derogatory and confrontational towards hospital staff, the inquest heard.At a Mental Health Tribunal in 2013 he argued he was merely fabricating symptoms of psychosis.Dr Thomas concluded this was part of his ‘intractable narcissism.’ Psychiatrist Dr Noir Thomas said Brady's condition had been deteriorating since February and the killer, who had been on hunger strikes, removed his own nasal feeding tube on May 10 and it was not been resisted by staff.Consultant psychiatrist Dr Noir Thomas said Brady was a paedophile and suffered from other sexually deviant conditions, including sexual sadism.He said Brady was a paranoid schizophrenic, whose mental state was marked by hallucinations, delusions and disorganised thought and speech.‘There are accounts of disturbed and bizarre behaviour relating to psychosis, to include assaults against peers,’ Dr Thomas said.Disturbing details about Brady’s sick mind were revealed for the first time yesterday.

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He declined chaplaincy.'He asked for his solicitor to be notified and requested that his locked briefcases be removed from his room.

These were sealed by security staff and locked in the director of security's office.'Christopher Sumner, senior coroner for Sefton, told the hearing: 'The evidence shows that Mr Stewart-Brady was fed by a nasogastric tube.'He also took food to supplement that liquid diet from selected staff and it wasn't just snacks, it was full meals at times.'Dr Rodgers' evidence is that his weight was 61kg, nine stone, and his BMI was 21.3.

Recording his verdict, Mr Sumner said: 'The controversy surrounding this patient in life was markedly absent in death for reasons the pathologist has given.'He added: 'He received appropriate medical care throughout his time as a patient at Ashworth Hospital to satisfy both his physical and his mental needs.'I thus find there was no evidence of neglect or self-neglect contributing to the death of Mr Stewart-Brady.'Home Office pathologist Dr Brian Rodgers said Brady died of heart failure or lung disease.

It is hoped the documents could include letters, maps or clues revealing the location of 12-year-old Keith Bennett - the only victim whose remains have never been found.

John Ainley, a lawyer who has worked with Keith's brother Alan, today urged Brady's lawyer, Robin Makin, to let them to see the contents of the cases.


  1. A profile of the Days of our Lives character Eric Roman Brady, part of soapcentral.com's Who's Who in Salem section.

  2. Brady described how he and his peroxide blonde ‘soul mate’ meticulously planned the murders that still horrify the nation 50 years later – and how it.

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