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Dating someone from a different background

I can hear some of you saying: But it would be boring if two mates were exactly alike in interests and personality!Although it may sound paradoxical, long-married elders agree that some differences can spice up a relationship. There are many ways partners can be similar, but the elders say that one dimension is absolutely necessary: Similarity in core values.

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Having conversations about the topic of culture and how it plays into your relationship. And it's like, "Okay, I trust you and I love you, so I'll eat this. To my surprise, their advice was nearly unanimous: Opposites may attract, but they don’t usually make for great and lasting marriages.Based on their long experiences both in and out of romantic relationships, the fundamental lesson is this: And if you’re very different, the elders warn although that marriage can work, is likely to be much more difficult.If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll have all the ingredients for a lasting relationship.I’ve spent time over the past year talking with young people about their hopes for marriage.This usually consists of questions such as: are your parents cool with you dating someone outside of your own culture? Have you ever dated anyone from a different culture? Is this the first time you’ve dated someone who comes from a different culture to your own?Cross-cultural relationships bring with them new experiences that may have been foreign to you before.While they are usually beautiful, exciting and eye-opening, they come with their share of hardships and misunderstandings as well.Likewise, if you’re the one being introduced to new cultural etiquette, be open, accepting and ask lots of questions.Realise that you might never fully understand a new language or exactly how to make their favourite dish, but enjoy being introduced to these elements of your partner’s life.


  1. Feb 19, 2014. Making families mesh and understand one another when they come from two completely different backgrounds isn't always the easiest thing. There are many. This usually consists of questions such as are your parents cool with you dating someone outside of your own culture? Are you? Have you ever.

  2. I have never been devout. I've never identified as religious. However, I began seeing someone who practices a different religion than I do, and I am more aware of the differences. If you're dating someone of a different religion, you'll probably agree 1. You celebrate different holidays and traditions. Religions have multiple.

  3. Nov 4, 2015. Five important things to know when you're dating a woman from a different ethnicity or culture.

  4. Oct 20, 2015. Mr Von Hippel says that while there is no evolutionary or biological reason why some people favour a certain race, he says a positive attitude about a group of people and the opportunity to meet someone from a different background is an "enormous predictor of who we end up with". "In order to encounter.

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