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The following chapter offers a number of examples of how individuals and organisations are engaging with SNS as communication platforms.The examples draw mainly from the UK and US markets, which in many ways have been developing parallel to each other.

Through a Facebook page Oxfam GB promotes its existing multimedia content to an audience of more than 5,000 fans of the page Oxfam campaigner Becs Gowland developed an audience of more than 1,800 group members following her fortnight-long campaign to promote ethical consumerism.As well as feeding standard ad inventory and campaigns into SNS, organisations have been developing campaigns specifically targeted at, and integrated with, specific SNS.For example, the UK Home Office-funded has used a profile within as its primarily website – regularly adding blog posts, videos and other interactive media content to the profile.SNS applications can add features over and above those built in by the network provider – embedding new information, functionality, games, widgets and other content and interaction within the network.Whilst many of the most used applications built on top of major SNS platforms are focused on media sharing and messaging between friends -- or are purely-for-fun games – a number of organisations are looking at how applications can be used for education and communicating social change.Because of the demographic data SNS hold on their users, some are able to offer advanced targeting features.The image below shows the options available for anyone choosing to create a self-service Facebook advertising campaign, and the approximate audience that such a campaign would reach.Large and small organisations are creating profiles and pages within Social Network Sites to raise awareness of their issues, to build their links with potential supporters or target audiences, and to crowd-source input into their work.By accepting friend or fan connections against their corporate presence within SNS, organisations build up an opt-in list of fans/friends who they can communicate with through status messages, shared media and using the messaging features on SNS.As SNS have grown in importance, increasing numbers of organisations promoting and campaigning for social change have been experimenting and learning how to include them in their communication.Both SNS platform providers and agencies with an interest in health promotion have been part of this trend, actively exploring the role of SNS for health promotion and social-cause outreach.


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