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Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said he was unable to speculate as to his motive, saying: "I can't get into the mind of a psychopath." Authorities believe Paddock acted alone and dismissed suggestions he had any links to international terror, despite claims from Isis's news agency Amaq that he converted to Islam months before the shooting.Video posted on social media appeared to show the moment the gunfire broke out as country star Jason Aldean performed, sparking mass chaos and scattering the crowd.Holt has brought along Cindy Shake of UMIAQ, an organization that provides support for Holt’s research, as another helpful set of eyes.We strike out across the soggy tundra in the vicinity of the live camera to see if we can spot the little ones.For the third year in a row the public has the unique opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with a California condor chick through livestreaming video of a California condor nest.The chick, 50-days-old today, and its parents live in the remote mountains near Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Ventura County, California. You are watching the Devils Gate condor webcam located in Los Padres National Forest, one of the first webcams to stream live video of California condors nesting in the wild.

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Jonathan Smith, 30, went to the concert with nine members of his family.

They are paying close attention to us, so there may be a chick nearby. This is chick number 788, according to the last three digits on the leg band Holt put on weeks ago.

As usual, with 23 years of experience under his belt, Holt spies a chick first. While he’s concentrating on the chick, Mom swoops by to snatch the lemming for safekeeping. The owlet’s primaries are growing in nicely and it seems to be the proper size for its age.

Paired California condors #206 and #513 perch atop the condor capture facility on Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.

Fish and Wildlife Service and our conservation partners have launched a livestreaming camera of an endangered California condor nest in the mountains near Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. CBS News dedicated to providing the best in journalism under standards it pioneered at the dawn of radio and television and continue in the digital age.

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  3. Jul 24, 2014. Today, our goal was to find the two surviving Snowy Owl chicks from our Bird Cams project nest to see if they are still alive and how they are doing. After a quick visual check, Holt sets the bill-clacking owlet free and she does her hobble-hop away with, I imagine, something akin to relief, if an owl can feel.

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