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Net bindingsource not updating

I'm using the Validated and in this event the Entity is not updated.Again it's only the User Control that exhibits this behavior - the stock controls work fine here.If the objects do not implement the IEditable Object interface, changes to the data are copied to the underlying data source immediately after each change. For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Update data by using a Table Adapter on docs.method is called, all pending changes are applied to the underlying data source.This method has no effect unless the objects contained by the data source implement the IEditable Object interface.

When a dataset has related tables, Visual Studio generates a Table Adapter Manager class that you use to do the updates.

With the flock of Borland engineers that have gone to MS over the years I am a little surprised that Winforms databinding is so lame. I am using a User Control, which is supposed to load another dataset automatically when a Bindable Property is updated...

Databinding in Delphi was always a pleasure to work with, even in Delphi I (1994). such as : public class my User Control: Usercontrol Then I add this control to my Form, which hosts a Binding Source, a Dataset and a datagridview.

The Table Adapter Manager class ensures that updates are made in the correct order based on the foreign-key constraints that are defined in the database.

When you use data-bound controls, the databinding architecture creates a member variable of the Table Adapter Manager class called table Adapter Manager.


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