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Chris and rihanna dating

New photos of Rihanna reportedly taken shortly after Chris Brown beat her have shown up online. Brown eventually plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna and was ordered to stay away from the singer.Media Take has published photos of Rihanna which appear to have been taken at a hospital back in 2009 ... However, just this week, a judge agreed to allow Brown to once again have contact with his ex-girlfriend.Sadly, a year into the relationship came Brown's now infamous scandal.Three years after their tumultuous and violent break-up, it looks like these two are getting back together. "She's struggled to get close to anyone and has developed deep trust issues when it comes to men."Before the beating incident, Brown reportedly had lied to Rihanna about not hooking up with another woman while they were dating.

2009: Drake Rumors about Rihanna and Drake dating have swirled for years thanks to multiple collaborations between the two artists and their insane chemistry.

By now, we all know their young love was brought to a screeching halt in 2009 after an argument between the couple escalated to Brown getting violent with Rihanna, leaving her with physical injuries.

Since 2009, the two singers have interacted on and off and even shocked the world when they collaborated on two tracks in 2012 (“Nobody's Business,” “Birthday Cake (Remix)”), but they never made the move to get back together permanently.

Shortly after the incident, TMZ published a photo of Rihanna's injuries.

When Chris Brown and Rihanna got together back in 2008, it seemed like a match made in pop music heaven.


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