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Young girls should be aware of the endless alternative methods for raising money.

The reality is, women have the option to choose what to do with their bodies, but underage girls are being sent negative messages about their potential when Sugar Dating companies promote the necessity of a Sugar Daddy.Although both young men and young women engage in programs such as Seeking Arrangement, the vast majority of “Sugar Babies,” or young participants, are women.Still, most college students are adults, and therefore capable of making their own decisions with their bodies.a direct result of an older, “generous sponsor.” Sugar Baby University is a program within Seeking Arrangement, a Sugar Daddy dating company primarily dedicated to pairing young women seeking money and material assets with older, wealthy men.This concept, while archaic, is a growing business across global universities.Not only are the risks of physical harm and disease high, but young girls also are forced to treat their bodies as goods for trade, for sale.In an age of rape culture and the recent Stanford sexual assault case, it is more important than ever that young girls are aware of their infinite potential, their intellect, and their talent, rather than what their bodies can do for men.Since early this year, the vast majority of those migrants have been youngsters themselves, sometimes travelling alone, sometimes accompanied by their mothers.At night, when the get to work, hordes of them walk up the back lanes, mothers cradling babies in arms, teenage girls with pink backpacks.A FEW weeks ago Helen Yovanna Mata, a 16-year-old Honduran girl, turned up at Corinto, a scruffy crossing on the border with Guatemala, with a backpack and a few papers. We don’t want to hurt you, but you have to believe us.Two of the papers were death threats scribbled in scratchy ballpoint, another was a school document validating her story. Death.” It was signed “M18”, the name of a violent Central American street gang.


  1. Jun 28, 2014. A wave of unaccompanied children swamps the debate over immigration.

  2. Oct 17, 2014. The committee also proposes that cases of under-age sexual activity between individuals within two-years of each other should be dealt with outside the. The law at least makes some sense by making a distinction between sex with someone in their late teens 15-17 and someone pre-teen to early teen.

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