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Dating site for siberia dating a spanish man

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion in regards to my personal situation, regarding a Russian woman.I know you’re primarily focused on Ukrainian women.While girls in America might achieve a light alpha brainwave state on their commute to work, girls from the Urals to Vladivostok are in a a mid range theta brainwave state most of their waking day.Siberian girls are like sleeping beauties just hoping a prince will wake them from their quixotic introspection.Consider what I have written, appeal to her higher ideals, talk about fairy-tales of princesses and princes.You want to be the one to free her from her cage and make her your wife.I have never known a Russian girl who does not cook and take care of her man.

When I was traveling on holiday in Thailand I met a Russian girl (lets call her Ivana) at a bar. I then told her how I was on French television once for five minutes. She was doing most of the chatting up and made the first move on me. So I was a bit taken a back when I woke up knowing what I had gotten up to. It works out roughly the same price as me to go to Russia from France and her to come to France from Russia between flights & accommodation.

I was so out there, my only real choice in marriage was to be unhappy or marry a Slavic beauty, idealist from Eastern Europe. The genetic component of Siberian women’s beauty Call me too open minded, but I have always speculated human reproductive evolutionary biology rewards genes that have diversity in mating with stronger immune systems and less likelihood for generic diseases and I think closed populations somewhat confirm this.

The good news is if you are looking for a girl in the Tundra of Siberia you will have an exotic mix of Eurasian women. The genes of the ladies that live in Siberia are at the very least wild and adventurous.

This is what you want, a Siberian girl with a dreamy disposition waiting to be rescued by you.

Contrast this with her sassy Western feminist counter parts you have have been putting up with for years.


  1. Nowadays one can find a bride from Siberia not only on a dating site. In Novosibirsk a photo-presentation of girls trying an image of brides and wives have been already taking place for two years. An idea of the project is very simple. Each woman wishing to participate in the contest creates her own photo-image revealing.

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