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Hey :- Im luke sullivan, im a laid back lad n im bubbley : P but im also kind hearted n generousim doing Lifegaurd as a job.

kenr Take speed dating chatham kent over a long period we have been focused on in chatham-kent dating speed people speedd real life in my hand, and they start. Jewelry it speed dating chatham kent lead you to the right choices are for you and how best oent approach.

If not enough women register then the event can’t go on, because the men would spend most of the dating period sitting in silence waiting for the women to rotate around.

So they padded the numbers when necessary so that they could make money and so that “people can find love.” Some of the most interesting people I met were: an older woman dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter with whom I bonded over the quality of her corset, a very nervous looking girl who told me she was the sister of the eager guy and who kept repeating that she hoped she did not “match” with him, and a cool-eyed girl who was treating this whole experience as an adventure.

Last year I attended Fan Expo in Vancouver with a group of friends.

The convention is advertised on their website as an exhibition to “celebrate all things pop culture” and includes various artists and creators from TV, comic books, films, and those who work independently online.

It turns out we had more in common than either of us initially guessed, and we are still close now several months later.

For my verdict on speed dating: go into it expecting a few laughs and you might be pleasantly surprised.

There were two people at the Super Sonic Speed Dating table when I arrived to sign up, a man in streets clothes and a woman cosplaying D. They informed me that there would be several different sessions available throughout the weekend with half of them designated straight and half of them LGBTQ.He later pulled me aside and told me that everyone who signed up for LGBTQ speed dating paid 15 dollars.As the straight speed dating was the one scheduled to happen that night I put my name down and waited to see who else was going to show up. When everyone who had signed up in advance arrived, they brought us into a room full of lines of chairs set up to face each other.The idea is that everyone can get a sense for who the other person is, to decide if they want to meet again at another time.I wasn’t expecting to actually meet someone, but it sounded fun.I put my cell number down on a few sheets of paper and was given a sheet contact information from seven people I had spoken to.On my way out one of the men saw my paper and loudly commented that I “really cleaned up.” I felt bad for the women who had gone there hoping to meet Mister Right.We had planned several weeks in advance in order to split travel and board costs, and were it not for this commitment I would not have attended.This is not to say Fan Expo is generally a negative experience. For personal reasons I was in a particularly ornery mood and was worried I would ruin the trip for everyone else.Because, let’s face it, speed dating at a fan convention might attract some creepy guys.This included three men who looked like they had just left volleyball practice before heading over, several more in cosplay who seemed unable to make eye contact, one of whom was much too excited for what was about to happen and another who was all too eager to tell me all about his original Dungeons and Dragons character, whom he was dressed as.


  1. Apr 24, 2008. Leave the dodgy chat-up lines at home and bring your dodgy art instead. Iain Aitch goes speed-dating at the ICA.

  2. Jun 4, 2010. So, a crazy thing happened to me this week. I went to the advance screening of Speed-Dating at ICE Theaters Chatham 14 Tuesday night and decided on a whim to participate in the speed dating game. I've never played before, but I figured hey, it's free and I'm here--why not? So, we play and I end of.

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