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Comedy video dating from canada

A comedian who appeared on a Fox News program that mocked Canada's military apologized to Canadians Tuesday and vowed he would never appear on the show again.Doug Benson told CTV's Power Play that he was ignorant about the situation in Afghanistan and said considering the timing, the jokes he made about Canada were "completely out of line." "I just want to say that I meant no disrespect to Canadians or to the Canadian military when I made those comments," Benson said from Los Angeles.Leland just starred in his first theatrically released feature film called “Extraordinary” which has opened doors for him to continue to do film work on top of his stand-up comedy shows.Leland Klassen is one of a kind…and a “Don’t Miss Him” performer.He recently appeared on the hit FOX TV show PITCH and enjoys a recurring role on Kirby Buckets on Disney XD.He can be seen on the Disney Channel’s original TV movie Life Is Ruff and guest appearances on Lab Rats, Good Luck Charlie, Heroes, Weeds, My Name Is Earl, Reba, Grounded for Life, Crossing Jordan, and Amazing America with Sarah Palin.Having toured all across North America for nearly two decades, Leland’s credits are many and diverse.Credits that include appearances on Just For Laughs on the Comedy Network, CBC television’s Halifax Comedy Festival, Thou Shalt Laugh on Netflix as well as hosting numerous specials and series including the nationally syndicated show Popcorn TV as well as his very own show Leland Klassen’s Comedy Tournament.

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An outraged Canadian posted the clip from the show to You Tube with a comment that said, "Fox News belittles and mocks the Canadian military." In an interview with CTV Newsnet Monday, Mac Kay demanded an apology. all he says is stuff that is meant to incite people and every question he asks the panelists is just ridiculous," he said.

Jaron says his favorite show happened at a state penitentiary.

“After the show, one of the inmates came up to me and said, ‘I’ve known some of these guys for 5 or 6 years and I’ve never even seen them smile but you made us laugh so hard.

I really needed that’ and that is why I do this” Over the last 4 years he has built a name for himself in the industry,sharing the stage with names like Creed Bratton (NBC’s “The Office”), Bob Smiley, and John Crist!

Jaron currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he sits at Starbucks during the week photoshopping and listening to people pitch pyramid schemes to their friends and family members.


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