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Dating police detective

She is also an old friend/the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, an old friend of the late Tommy Merlyn, and the sister of an unnamed woman.

When Oliver needed help to take down Vertigo, he went to her for the police's file on The Count.

In "Vertigo", Oliver encounters Mc Kenna at the SCPD station.

They went on a date which was going well until Mc Kenna unintentionally mentions his life on the island.

She mentioned that there was no signs around saying that she could not take off her clothes.

While Oliver was supposedly dead for 5 years, Mc Kenna became a police officer.

How’s she getting on with that medical degree at Nottingham?

The cake looked delicious and I loved your shirt.” And another issue is that online stalking can make you think you’ve found The One, but then when you meet up it’s somehow anticlimactic and the spark just isn’t there.


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