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Christian man dating jewish women

The construction will take place in The Jewish Quarter, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the City Of David, all of which had areas that were previously inaccessable to people in wheelchairs and walkers.Other improvements include sign changes for visually impaired individuals, and a new shuttle bus service.A great way to visit the Old City is simply to wander through the labyrinthine paths and let yourself get lost.For safety reasons, it's best not to travel alone and to be careful about wandering beyond the main thoroughfares of the Muslim Quarter.If you head toward the Muslim Quarter, or enter the Old City coming from the North from Mea She'arim or somewhere else off Suleiman Street, you'll want to look for Damascus Gate.This is where most Arabs enter the city and you'll find a bustling open-air market filled with people, carts, food and trinkets.

To the left of Jews Street is the Muslim Quarter, and, to the right, is the Jewish Quarter.

It was announced in August 2014 that the Old City was going to have some work done to make the city more accessable to handicap patrons.

This million Shekel (.75 million) project will provide handicap accessable ramps, hand rails, and other accommodations so handicap individuals can access areas that they were unable to before.

It is also prudent to explore during the day, though the views of many of the sites -- when you know how to find them -- are often best at night.

Just inside Jaffa Gate, on the left beyond the Tourist Information Office, is a small enclosure with two graves nearly hidden beneath the trees.


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