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Updating intel ssd

The Intel Optane SSD 900P is lightning fast thanks to its new 3D XPoint memory, but it's also expensive because the cutting-edge technology is in high demand.

Intel and Micron developed 3D XPoint memory for more than a decade in a secret project that created the first new productized memory since 1966.

Yes, I would try updating the firmware and running the Performance Restoration Software.

A bootable CD or DVD in an optical drive would work the same way.The companies still won't tell us all of the details behind the technology, but outside firms have confirmed it is a form of Phase Change Memory (PCM).This speedy new memory is designed to fill the performance gap between DRAM and storage, so it crosses into both territorties.It booted, but the display was garbled, so I instead used Parted Magic per Jon Coulter's instructions.Fortunately, Samsung provides firmware updates in both a zip file (to be used with Magician) as well as an iso file to be used from DOS bootable media.See: Samsung SSD 840 EVO Performance Restoration Software. If you check the documentation in the Magician application, for the DOS bootable media creation, there is a fix for the garbled display.There are one or two DOS command line commands that load a font IIRC, that fixes the unreadable display. You won't need to do the performance restoration update if you've done a secure erase.The review of the 480GB Optane drive begins on page three.Our conclusions have also been updated on page four. You’ve seen 3D Xpoint for the enterprise in our Intel DC P4800X review, and you’ve seen it as a fast cache for the desktop in our Optane Memory Review.Samsung also provides both a Windows and a DOS version of their performance restoration software.I haven't tried the performance restoration software since I didn't think it would be needed with a secure-erase/factory reset. The performance restoration software not only updates the firmware, but also scans and recalibrates all existing data on the drive.


  1. The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant helps keeps your system up-to-date by detecting when updates are available.

  2. How to Upgrade SSD Firmware. Should you require further assistance in updating the firmware. Intel SSD Firmware Upgrade Guide;

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