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Sex dating club

For a much different view of unprotected sex among gay men, check out my more recent post, “Your Mother Liked It Bareback.” For more about bareback sex and its place in gay male culture, check out “Is ‘Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend the Most Important Gay Porn Film Ever Made?

” —————————————————– For another view of gay men, porn and barebacking, check out my most Googled post of last year, “Did the Bareback Time Machine Kill Chad Noel?

The idea that HIV positive people still want sex is as old as The Denver Principles, the 1983 manifesto drawn up by gay men with AIDS that demanded “as full and satisfying a sexual and emotional life as anyone else.” The document also stated that people with HIV/AIDS have an ethical responsibility to inform their potential sex partners of their health status.

Fast forward to today, and HIV positive gay men are as open as ever about their status and their sexual preferences (setting aside, if we can for the moment, the increased stigma and discrimination facing HIV positive people of all stripes who disclose their status these days).

“Disease free, UB2″ in online profiles is being countered by the cheeky “HIV positive and plan to stay that way, UB2.” Meeting sites are engaging in some serosorting of their own by offering poz dating and hookup options.

And over at the gay bareback porn company Treasure Island Media (TIM), director Paul Morris has named it “the year of living positive (sic),” with a series of videos featuring openly HIV positive actors. Morris’ enthusiastic wish that everyone “fuck freely and without fear,” he’s a little light on the real-life implications of such a lifestyle.

One of my favorite HIV sites, Life Lube, has started an ongoing series called “Andrew’s Anus,” and it’s about sexual health for gay men and the human papillomavirus, or HPV. The series is written from the point of view of Andrew’s anus!

I have made a lot of good friends and found a few great sex partners.

I love the community feel and the uninhibited sexuality.

I never heard from the actors, or another peep out of Paul Morris.

His silence betrays his grandstanding on the topic (his own press release gleefully refers to him as “universally reviled,” which would look great on his name tag at the next Gay Erotic Expo).


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