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” A date is one of the special ways to do that and to honor your spouse.

Dating is all about meeting and getting to know someone new to us, someone that kindles the flames in our bodies and gives us that….

When we think of marriage, we think of being settled down, of routine and in many cases…

Along with a lack of communication and respect, many couple cite simple boredom with each other, a feeling of no longer being connected and a feeling of just being ‘roommates’ as reasons to cheat and divorce each other.

But here's the deal: Now that you're married, you need to do the same thing!

And that's why dating shouldn't stop with marriage.

And still others are always chasing the high of the new and so they become serial spouses and divorcees.

Can you have the nice settle routine spiced up with the flare of meeting someone new on a regular basis?

When done well, your marriage will last a lifetime.

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When we think of dating, we think of the freshness, the newness, the excitement.

In addition, you will have a friend’s list attached to your Wow Chat account which allows you to add friends that you make on the website.

Whenever you’re online at the same time as one of your added friends, you will be able to see that on your friend’s list.


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