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Xbox 360 keeps updating

It does this in all game modes online or offline as well.

Most of the time when I keep mining the same block over and over again ill keep collecting it --kragory Jan 1, 2013 same with me joe Jan 17, 2013 When playing in my 1.3 survival world, beds do not work correctly.

In split screen mode, if both of the people are on the crafting interface, neither can craft.

We can have the required items and it doesn't let us craft at the same time.

We tried any number of configurations all to no avail -- Kevin Gamertag ARCLIGHT545 4 Jan 13 When my friend and I play for a while, creative mode, over the web, we have run into an issue with minecart, boats, and rail tracks.

All of a sudden we cannot place boats, train-tracks, redstone, and minecarts. Not sure if it has to do with too many boats/minecarts or if this has to do with too many blocks being used in the huge glass building. --Cantelmi Nutin56 [gamertag] Template: Blla Me and my friends were playing creative when my friends minecraft froze and we lost Alot of progress, this also happens when you try to kick and save too.

I wired everything and put a torch at the start to see if the system worked well.

The torch gave energy to the system and the torches were turned off successfully.

i have even put glowstone every where that these guys been spawning and i still have come face to face with them.When I try to play Minecraft again, it says I do not have the full game.I have bought it in the Arcade Store, and when I connect to live again, I suddenly have the full game.I solved this by inviting the last person who played multiplayer with me in the game.After they joined the beds were usable again.--- Matty B While playing on a friends world(on creative) we were building a timing mech utilizing a felt block and sticky piston. We tried crafting a new piston and it still would not hold onto the felt.Lucas In my world, I was playing online on my own world and I went to the nether with an Efficiency II diamond pick, and as soon as I started to mine the netherack, the game kicked my friend and said that I had "lost connection" which was weird because it was my world in the first place, and therefore we lost a lot of progress.I am unable to play any more because whenever I mine blocks they reappear until I save and exit my game.It is possible to reach the void in the nether this way by throwing them at a wall.I made a redstone mechanism that uses repeaters to turn off torches.Mojang has an official bug tracker and does not track bugs for any editions of Minecraft on this wiki. but on my main game i been playing i have it happen on there as well and im not lucky because i am playing survival and well a creeper in my well lighted sealed home going boom isn't the best thing..Please use the appropriate bug tracker to report and view current bug reports. hoping this be fixed soon cause i only come across this in the xbox minecraft and not the pc --Drake feb 1 2013 I loaded up my game today and the guide appeared prompting me to pick my storage device.


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  2. Why does my xbox 360 keep updating. Xbox 360 Live Keeps Updating? Keep getting updates for xbox 360? My Xbox 360 keeps

  3. Se7enSins Gaming Community. Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by AdBlock, May 19. Xbox keeps asking for update.

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