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Roshon fegan dating history

Fegan said "Okay lets see if you are a good flyer, You are gonna go in the air do a trick then when you bout to get down I want you to spin". Lexie Bella and I started jumping up and down cause I made the team. I started punching her in her face and her stomach at the same time. Then the coach said "Wow you are a talented girl you are a good cheer leader and a good fighter wow what else can you do. It goes like this Your team is wack Your team is wack Where ever yall came from Just take your butts back. I started kicking my feet in the air for them to put me down. Who told you that R- Lexie but that dose not matter right now. I just want to know when you are leaving and when are you coming back Z- I am Leaving next month I will be back The month after that R-Then I will wait for you.

Then this boy walked up to me and started talking to me like I knew him.

Young actress Tristin Mays isn’t usually very open about her personal life but we managed to assemble a list of alleged past boyfriends and also find out who is she dating as of 2017.

Let’s take a look on who was lucky enough to raise Tristin’s interest.

The identity of her current boyfriend might surprise you.

In 2011, Mays was romantically linked to fellow actor Roshon Fegan.


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  2. He is dating dancer Chrystiane Lopes.

  3. Roshon fegan height nowoshon fegan height. Looking at his dating history, Fegan was in a relationship with his Camp Rock co-star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle for.

  4. ROSHON FEGAN LYRICS "Anything Is Possible". In Honor of Black History Month. Image, Album, Quotes, Scream, Typography, Qoutes, Letterpresses, Dating.

  5. I was still kinda upset with Roshon then he called me. Today is the day when I have to go out to one good to Atlanta is that I got to school.

  6. Check out the dating history of Tristin Mays. Tristin Mays’ boyfriend. Mays was romantically linked to fellow actor Roshon Fegan.

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