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Dirty live chat without sinning up

I not good at algebra but you and I together make 69!!! I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds. I'm good at math: add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply! Baby i just drew a pic of you on my ti83 but ur sooo hot my screen melted The way the light reflects off the angles of your head is extremely enchanting.

I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves Baby, let me find your nth term Hey baby, can i see what's under your radical? I wish I were your second derivative so i could fill your concavities. I don't know if you're in my range, but I'd sure like to take you home to my domain.

In Euclidean geometry two parallel lines never touch ... You and I must have the same natural frequency, because we resonate together.

Baby, you're a 9.999999999..you'd be a 10 if you were with me. The sine^(-1) of you must be pi/2 cause you're the one You have nicer legs than an Isosceles right triangle. I wish u were the Pythagorean theorem so I can insert my hypotenuse into your legs.

If I was sin^2 theta and you were cos^2 theta together we would be 1 If I move my lips half the distance to yours... Since distance equals velocity times time, let's let velocity or time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.

we've been differentiating for too long, lets sum it up and integrate you and i add up better than a riemann sum "I wish I was your differential because then I'd be touching all your curves." Your beauty defies real and complex analysis.

Your hottness is the only reason we can't reach absolute zero.


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