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Cyber sex chat room uk

Sometimes people who are trying to bully someone may ask for these kinds of images so they can send them on to other people.Download our free Zipit app for loads of great ways to deal with sexting. Sometimes those emails might be shared with other people who could join in the bullying.By using our website, you're agreeing to our use of cookies.Read our cookie policy to find out what they're used for and how to change your settings.If the video is of you it might make you feel worried or helpless.It can feel shocking or upsetting when you see a video like this but there are things you can do.Learn more about how to stop bullying on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, You Tube and many more.Being abusive towards someone or harassing them on an online multi-player gaming site like Minecraft or Call of Duty is also a kind of online bullying.

It might be as simple as ‘liking’ a mean post on Facebook or spreading a rumour on Twitter. Sometimes it can make people self-harm or lead to them feeling suicidal.

If you’ve posted a video of someone else being hurt or shared someone else’s video it’s important that you delete it from your account to stop it being spread further.

If you’ve bullied someone else and you’re feeling worried about your behaviour, take a look at our bullying advice.

This could include pretending to be someone else and writing fake comments or blogs.

Bullying videos can be posted online on social media, live-streaming sites and photo sharing apps like Snapchat.


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