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Dating scam letter

That’s what makes these email scams so powerful and, potentially, dangerous to companies and organizations. Thanks for your quick response, I’m Derrick James Hayes,a USA Army Officer am a faithful person have one son called Mike i lost my parents at the age of 12 in a plane i don’t have any family expect my son am the Warrant Offices in the army .i have been in the army for the past 27 years and will be coming home by the end of next month as am ready to retired when i come home, At the moment i don’t have any plans for the future yet when i retire but looking forward to have a woman with a caring heart to spend the rest of my life together with.Almost everyone knows the emails are scams, but they can’t seem to stop the hope that they are not. You will probably see through it right away as I did, but that’s easy for us to say. I’m am serious with what ever i do and i don’t play games.. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I look forward to nothing more than spending the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me, simply by being.Letter 5 I know times have been rough and things have been sad but I hope deep down you know how much you truly mean to me.Targeting a nonnative speaker may make their errors less obvious. It is not the first name she uses on her Facebook account but it does form the main part of her email address.It certainly triggered no warnings in the woman who got this email. It’s possible she uses this as a nickname on some other site. Here’s where a native speaker would definitely see the red flags go up. Notice the lack of the pronoun, ‘I’ before am, a very common tipoff that this is from a Ghanaian scammer. Oddly, he has a son called Mike, which is the same name as the woman’s son. In any event, this establishes some commonality, a bond: see how much alike we are?

It hurts me to know how I sometimes can be a little selfish when it comes to you, but, Pamela, I'm in the deepest love for you! Not a night has passed that I don't have you in my dreams.Letter 12 i read your mail.i am very sorry for cristina and i know God would help her in every way to keep her safe..i haven't been online because i lost all hope and thought you were not on my side and did not believe me anymore.maybe i shouldn't have asked you to help way this wouldn't have happened between us.i love you,always have loved you and would still love you forever..i never break my promise and i don't give up just like that.francis was able to raise the money for christopher's operation and God willing he has been through a successful operation and is with francis at the hotel now.i am not angry with you and can never be angry with tried your best and God even knows you tried your best to help i guess you thought i was faking or lying to you and that was what got my hopes down because a relationship needs trust and believe and as i put my whole belief in you i also expect you do the same.i am still praying for cristina and waiting to meet you on messenger again.to hear from you you and take care.i am with you always. i hope you and crisitina are good.i am still praying for you and cristina as i always remember you in my prayers. Letter 20 hello my love..sorry i couldn't be on.connection was still worked upon and came late but was asleep by that is the info my love NAME: QUARSHIE MAWUTOR COUNTRY: ACCRA-GHANA COUNTRY CODE:00233 lets talk in the morning and see what we can do before you send it okay.you and always with you my love.a nice sleep Letter 21 baby goodmorning i miss you and sorry i slept early yesterday..i was very tired after a wild chat with the commander to let me out of here within the course of the week..i received your mail and thanks a lot baby...i love you so much beyond imagination.have been there for me even with the little wealth you have to support me.baby you forgot something.had to give me an mtcn code so i give it to them.is the code they would take to the bank to withfraw the money.to talk to you soon.you..: X: X: X: Xhope to talk to you today.you Letter 22 hello Pam went to the bank today and they said the cod was invalid and not gave us a wrong were not giving the money.God would always be with you and would surely see you through.just need to have faith in him.i missed you too and was online thinking i could meet you on here..chris is doing a bit okay just that his injury affected him a little bit and he sees the doctor ever week but i know francis has done what it takes for a friend to do and he has helped me in every way to get my okay me know when you can get on messenger so we care and on my mind always Letter 14 we have been through a lot and we still have each other again.shows we are meant to be and we would be together forever.i promised you on the first day i was going to be the man to make your dreams come true and i am going to do that no matter what it are the woman i always see my future deserve the best and happiest things on this earth and one is me..i want to be the good husband you have always been waiting for. Sweetie, Can you try and get some lil money from them or something? Letter 23 baby why did you do this..i have a mail from francis and he said the code number you gave him is wrong.now they are stucked in the are you playing games with them or what?One woman on the website said that she knew it was a scam, but when the scammer asked for for groceries for his son, she sent him the money. Anyway, I should point out that there is a similar website, (notice the plural) which seems more like a scam itself. Again, by this point the woman will ignore the grammar and odd vocabulary collocations.They seem always to be looking for “a woman with a caring heart” and, to set the romantic hook, “to spend the rest of my life together with”.Here is a closer look at some of the blunders that gave him away and some of the approaches that almost succeeded. He was in the military and such men, especially those that are retiring, seem like a good catch for most women. I think he meant, ‘except’, but it may be taken for a typo by a native speaker.In other emails under other identities, he has never corrected this error. This is the sentence that actually enabled me to track him down. I don’t need to point out the stylistic problems, but even a native-English-speaking woman may ignore this because it is overridden by the sympathy element of the previous sentence.In addition, his head is often Photo Shopped (badly) onto other images. Now, the first question I asked was, why did the scammer target a Polish woman? This is not clear from her Facebook site, which is primarily in Polish.I did not ask her, but she may have posted some personal information elsewhere in English, such as on a dating site.She wanted my advice about an email that she had received from some guy she didn’t know. I have written about these scams in the past (Phishing with Naked Women and Romantic Lures), and have categorized them as something I call salmon phishing.She was about to respond to it but, knowing that I write on security matters, she decided to check with me first. When I read the forwarded email, it was clear at once that she had received a romance scam letter. This is a type of email phishing that targets basic human instincts and needs.


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